Our people are our pride

Nancy Gallion, Barn manager

Nancy started riding when she was three and has always had a passion for horses.  Growing up in the midwest, she was involved in 4H where she started showing English.  After, college and moving to San Diego is when she started competing in Western Reining in Southern California.  Now in Texas, her passion is Reining Cow Horse.  Nancy and her husband Derrick will start to compete in Stock Horse of Texas with their horses Pepperoni and Paris.  As assistant barn manager, she often helps with tours and working with Amelia to provide the best care for our horses.


Nona Schlinker, 94 years old, grew up in Central California and has lived in California, Maryland, Washington, North Carolina, Ohio, and Illinois. She now lives with her daughter and son-in-law, Derrick and Nancy.  Nona is often seen cleaning around the ranch as she loves to stay busy. She loves to sweep! Nona grew up on a ranch and had a pony named Smokey. She also is a die hard Cubs fan!  

Our wranglers

Our Wranglers live on-site and have been with High Meadow for 5+ years. They are responsible for the daily care of the horses and farm maintenance while supporting the barn manager in providing proper care and oversight of all High Meadow horses. The wranglers are an integral part in ensuring our operations run smoothly and we appreciate the value they bring to the overall boarding experience. 

Our history

High Meadow Stables (formerly known as High Meadow Arabians) was founded over 30 years ago with the intent to breed and show National Quality Pure and Half Arabian English horses. As the breeding program found success and acclaim, the founders wanted to share their passion for these amazing animals with the entire equestrian community and opened up nearly 30 acres of High Meadow as an all breed, pleasure boarding facility. High Meadow has always been a facility that offers a wide variety of amenities you need to support your horse activities and we take pride in knowing that High Meadow is and has been home to many happy horses and their wonderful human companions over the decades.